In response to the Nepalese Government’s commitment to improving road infrastructure in remote regions, the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works and the Department of Roads have undertaken numerous road projects throughout the country. The Road Sector Development Project (RSDP) holds a special place among these initiatives, as it aims to develop an extensive road network and crucial connections that foster social development and poverty reduction in Nepal’s hilly districts. Among the remarkable projects under RSDP, the Khodpe-Chainpur Road upgrade takes center stage, and Jay Mangalam Cements is proud to contribute to its success.

Khodpe-Jhota-Chainpur Road: A Key Feeder Road

The Khodpe-Jhota-Chainpur Road, classified as a feeder road (F49), spans from Khodpe Bazar in Baitadi district to Chainpur, the headquarters of Bajhang district. It forms a critical part of the principal access route Dhangadi-Dadeldhura, connecting Baitadi and Bajhang. Stretching 107 kilometers, this road project covers 60.3 kilometers from Khodpe to Baghthala. Located in the Baitadi and Bajhang districts of the Far Western Development Region, the Khodpe-Jhota-Chainpur Road links several vital villages and communities, including Siddeshwar, Shikharpur, Shankarapur, Chaukhuam, Bhumirraj VDCs in Baitadi, and Syadi, Deulek, Sunkuda VDCs in Bajhang.

Challenges and Transformation:

Previously, the existing road grappled with rugged terrain, sharp curves, and an unpaved earthen surface with an average height of 4.5 meters. Drainage arrangements were inadequate, resulting in poor road conditions, especially during the rainy season. Unstable hillsides further complicated matters, causing frequent landslides that disrupted traffic flow for extended periods.

However, with the upgrade to a sealed gravel standard, the Khodpe-Chainpur Road now provides all-weather transportation facilities across a broader region in Baitadi and Bajhang districts. The project involved comprehensive activities such as road rehabilitation, widening, and upgrading to a bituminous or sealed gravel/otta seal level. Previously limited transportation services have been greatly enhanced, granting improved access to Siddeshwar, Shikharpur, Shankarapur, Chaukhuam, Bhumirraj VDCs in Baitadi, and Syadi, Deulekh, Sunkuda VDCs in Bajhang.

Jay Mangalam Cements’ Contributions:

Jay Mangalam Cements recognizes the importance of providing high-quality materials for infrastructure projects like the Khodpe-Chainpur Road upgrade. We are committed to delivering top-notch cement products that meet the highest durability and reliability standards. By supplying our premium cement for this transformative road project, we ensure that the road is built to withstand the test of time and provide safe and efficient transportation for the communities it serves.

Our cement is crucial in enhancing the road’s structural integrity, enabling it to withstand the rugged terrain, sharp curves, and challenging weather conditions that the region often experiences. With our high-quality cement, the Khodpe-Chainpur Road can withstand heavy traffic loads, frequent usage, and the impact of natural elements, ensuring its longevity and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Furthermore, our cement’s exceptional binding properties and strength contribute to the road’s stability, reducing the risks of potholes, cracks, and surface erosion. This, in turn, guarantees a smooth and reliable journey for the commuters and facilitates the transportation of goods, fostering economic growth and development in the region.

By supplying our high-quality cement for the Khodpe-Chainpur Road upgrade, Jay Mangalam Cements actively participates in the socio-economic progress of the Baitadi and Bajhang districts. The improved connectivity brought about by this project enables better access to essential services, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and markets, benefiting the local communities in countless ways.

We take great pride in being a part of this transformative infrastructure project, knowing that our top-notch cement contributes to building a road that will improve the lives of people living in the region. The Khodpe-Chainpur Road upgrade is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to supporting the development and progress of Nepal’s remote areas.

As the construction progresses, we will continue to work closely with the project team, providing consistent and reliable cement supply, technical expertise, and ongoing support. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. We are honored to be part of a project that positively impacts the lives of communities, fosters economic growth, and drives social development in the hilly districts of Baitadi and Bajhang.

Jay Mangalam Cements remains committed to delivering exceptional quality and playing an integral role in future infrastructure projects shaping Nepal’s landscape and improving connectivity across the country. Together, let us build a better future for all.


Jay Mangalam Cements is honored to be associated with the Khodpe-Chainpur Road upgrade project, playing a vital role in its construction. Our high-quality cement products contribute to the durability and strength of the road, ensuring its longevity and safety. We take pride in supporting the Government of Nepal’s vision of enhancing road infrastructure in remote areas, promoting social development, and reducing poverty.

With the completion of the Khodpe-Chainpur Road upgrade, a new era of connectivity and progress is ushered in for the communities of Baitadi and Bajhang districts. This road provides all-weather transportation facilities and improves accessibility to essential services, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. It connects villages, fosters regional integration, and unlocks the potential for growth and development.

As the Khodpe-Chainpur Road stands as a testament to the Government of Nepal’s commitment to road expansion, Jay Mangalam Cements takes pride in its role in shaping the future of transportation infrastructure in the country. Through our partnership and dedication to quality, we contribute to the lasting impact of this project, benefitting generations to come.

In conclusion, the Khodpe-Chainpur Road upgrade project represents a transformative milestone in Nepal’s road infrastructure development. Jay Mangalam Cements’ association with this project underscores our commitment to supporting progress and connectivity in remote areas. As the road paves the way for enhanced social development and poverty reduction, we stand proud of our contribution and look forward to witnessing the positive impact it brings to the lives of the people in the Baitadi and Bajhang districts.