In the realm of construction and infrastructure development and empowering the nation, Jay Mangalam Cements has played an instrumental role in several prestigious projects, contributing to the nation’s growth. Here’s a detailed glimpse into the remarkable endeavors where our products have been used:

  • Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project: Situated in Kailali, the Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project is one of Nepal’s National Pride Projects. It’s designed to provide irrigation to a vast command area, ensuring year-round agricultural productivity. Our role in this project has been pivotal, with Jay Mangalam Cements’ commitment to quality ensuring the durability and longevity of the project’s structures.
  • Babai Irrigation Project: Another feather in our cap is the Babai Irrigation Project, also recognized as a National Pride Project, located in western Nepal. This large-scale irrigation project, backed by the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation, aims to irrigate 36,000 hectares of land. It’s currently about 65% complete, with a revised completion date set for FY 2025/26. Our involvement in this essential project demonstrates our dedication to nation-building and infrastructure development.
  • Nepalgunj Road Division Collaboration: Our collaboration with the Nepalgunj Road Division underscores our commitment to enhancing transportation networks. By providing high-quality cement for road construction, we play a vital role in improving connectivity within the region. This project exemplifies how Jay Mangalam Cements contributes to the nation’s growth and progress.
  • Darchula / Tinker Sadak Yojana: In the remote and rugged terrain of Darchula, our quality cement is used in the Tinker Sadak Yojana. This project focuses on enhancing road infrastructure, promoting safer and more accessible travel in challenging geographical conditions.
  • Khodpe / Chainpur Road Project: The Khodpe / Chainpur Road Project in Baitadi, Patan, benefits from our cement products. As we contribute to this road project, we ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and durability, making travel more convenient for residents and visitors.
  • Mahakali River Retaining Wall: Erosion along the banks of the Mahakali River in Bajhang posed a significant challenge. Jay Mangalam Cements provided the solution by fortifying the riverbank with a retaining wall. This project not only safeguards the local community but also underscores our commitment to environmental protection.
  • Nannasaini Wire Suspension Bridge: The Nannasaini Wire Suspension Bridge in Achham is a lifeline for the local community. Jay Mangalam Cements’ support in the construction of this crucial infrastructure showcases our dedication to building essential structures that serve the people.

These projects stand as a testament to our commitment to quality, durability, and excellence. We take pride in contributing to these national endeavors, furthering the growth and development of Nepal. Jay Mangalam Cements remains dedicated to shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for the nation through our unwavering commitment to excellence.