The Darchula-Tinkar road, a strategically significant project connecting Darchula in Nepal to the China border at Tinkar Pass, is important for regional connectivity and trade. Initiated in 2008 and entrusted to the Nepalese Army in 2018, this ambitious endeavor aims to enhance transportation links and foster economic growth. Jay Mangalam Cements takes great pride in being associated with the Darchula-Tinkar road project, as our top-quality products contribute to the construction and development of this crucial infrastructure.

Journey of Connectivity:

The vision behind the Darchula-Tinkar road project is to establish a reliable and efficient transportation route connecting Nepal with China, unlocking vast trade, tourism, and cultural exchange opportunities. This ambitious endeavor involves overcoming challenging terrains and engineering complexities, all to create a seamless link between the two regions. With its involvement in the project, Jay Mangalam Cements plays a pivotal role in constructing a robust road network that stands the test of time.

Proud Partnership:

As a trusted partner of the Darchula-Tinkar road project, Jay Mangalam Cements supplies the highest quality cement products, ensuring the construction of durable and resilient road infrastructure. Our commitment to superior quality aligns with the project’s objective of building a safe and reliable transportation corridor. By leveraging our expertise and advanced manufacturing processes, we contribute to the successful completion of this landmark project, enhancing connectivity and fostering economic growth.

Unleashing Development Potential:

The Darchula-Tinkar road project serves as a catalyst for regional development, opening up new avenues for commerce, tourism, and social interaction. By connecting remote areas to major economic centers, this road infrastructure facilitates the movement of goods, services, and people, stimulating economic activities and improving livelihoods. Jay Mangalam Cements’ partnership in this endeavor reflects our commitment to fostering sustainable development and empowering communities through enhanced connectivity.

Future of Connectivity:

As the Darchula-Tinkar road project progresses, it paves the way for a brighter future. Improved transportation networks promote economic growth, strengthen diplomatic ties, and enhance regional integration. Through our collaboration, Jay Mangalam Cements envisions a future where communities thrive, trade flourishes, and cultural exchange is fostered. Together with the Nepalese Army and other stakeholders, we strive to create a robust, sustainable road infrastructure that will benefit future generations.


The Darchula-Tinkar road project is a testament to the power of collaboration and vision. Jay Mangalam Cements takes immense pride in its association with this transformative project, as our high-quality cement products play a crucial role in constructing durable road infrastructure. As the road inches closer to completion, we look forward to witnessing its positive impact on regional connectivity, trade, and overall development. We are building connections and shaping a better future for Nepal and its neighboring regions.