Gaurav PPC Cement, a distinguished offering from Jay Mangalam Cements, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in the construction industry. Specially engineered as a Portland Pozzolana Cement, Gaurav PPC is renowned for its superior performance and versatility. It seamlessly blends high-quality Portland clinker with pozzolanic materials, ensuring enhanced durability and strength in concrete structures. Gaurav PPC is the ideal choice for a spectrum of construction applications, from residential buildings to large-scale infrastructure projects. What sets Gaurav PPC apart is its value proposition — a perfect balance between affordability and top-tier quality. As builders and developers seek durable, cost-effective solutions, Gaurav PPC Cement emerges as a trusted ally, embodying the core values of Jay Mangalam Cements.

Gaurav PPC is a proud product of Jay Managalam Cements. Gaurav PPC is a PPC cement made in Nepal.

PPC stands for Portland Pozzolana Cement. Pozzolana is also known as pozzolanic ash. It is a natural siliceous or siliceous-aluminous material that reacts with calcium hydroxide in the presence of water at room temperature.

Adding pozzolana to the cement products extends the durability and strength of the cement.

Gaurav PPC is one of the best cement available in Nepal that is tested and proven time and again to be strong and durable for all kinds of construction requirements.

Gaurav PPC also gives a fine surface finish so it is best used for surface finishing activities, and is also useful for decorative and art structures. Also, since this cement is PPC after some time, the cement will be strong. So this cement is useful for long-term constructions and structures that need to be durable in the longer run.

Build strong foundations with our top-notch cement.